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Pray with me

Pray with meHold my hand and pray with meSit beside me and stay awhileBelieve for meQuiet these palpitationsSing to my heartKnow my mind¬†¬† Hope for meBelieve for meSee for meMy soul is dwindling in oblivionHold onto meI am a little unsteadyBreathe into mePray with meB. Lam I will pray with you.Hands are far,But I hopeContinue reading “Pray with me”

B r e a t h e

Breathe Breathe deepAnd If it hurts to breatheBreathe slowBreathe between the gaspsBreathe and dub your chestBreathe while your body shuddersBreathe as your nose dripsAs your eyes grow cloudy and wet And your head gets achy Breathe through your mouth when the nose gets small Breathe BreatheSlowly inhaleHold it in, let everything in you taste lifeThenContinue reading “B r e a t h e”


VagabondLoitering airports, train stationsAnd bus stationsChasing ticketsStamping passportsCrossing bordersFalling in love with strangersDrinking cold coffee and warm wine NomadLaden with suitcasesGetting lost and being foundEscaping vicesCradling healingHunting down hopeSeeking solaceI spoke to dad the other dayHe says they miss meHomeA place/people/a feelingRosemary-mint-basil-ginger-lemon honey teaDogs’ barking, sibling feuds and burnt food WanderingPaths and trailsEvading my loverDraggingContinue reading “Run|Running|Ran”

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