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M y f o o t i n g . . .

The sound of the stream flowing outside downstairs at 2am The sound of a quiet house The cold cuddling and crippling me all at once The sight of beautiful old massive trees Mighty and encompassing Flawed with yellow and red flowers Intertwining plants Light and shadows Freshly brewed coffee Achy and sore muscles Mom cookedContinue reading “M y f o o t i n g . . .”


Wonderworld: A Place full of delights and marvels The other day I went day dreaming, Swirled in front of hundreds of mirrors Marveled at wall paper and art Ate ice-cream cake: Vanilla and chocolate Danced on the escalator I was always afraid of Saw varieties of food I have never tasted Tried on trench coatsContinue reading Wonderworld

I am My Beloved’s

Oh what freedom in belonging! In knowing you’re someone’s Belonging to one that loves you What bliss!! What rest!! In being wanted Wanted For who you are Your very existence What thrill in being desired! His hand behind my head, His eyes looking in mine Drinking me Stirring me up! What ecstasy! “I am myContinue reading “I am My Beloved’s”

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